OdourVac Ventilation Systems
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How does the system work?

The system is operated via an OdourVac inline fan located in the ceiling space. A ducted pipework system then extends vertically down through the wall cavity and connects directly into the back of the cistern. Odours are drawn directly from the toilet bowl via the cisterns internal overflow pipe, through the inline fan and exhausted directly to the eaves or an external wall. Alternatively, if your ceiling space is restricted or for a double story, we also have roof mounted fans available.

How is the fan activated?

All OdourVac fans are supplied with a 3-pin plug for easy connection to a 240v GPO (power point) located adjacent to the fan. Power is then wired directly to the room and depending on your preference the fan can be activated by any one of the three following options:

Unlike conventional exhaust fans the OdourVac system is only required to operate whilst the toilet/bathroom is in use. Typically conventional fans have to operate for longer periods to ensure all the steam and odours are extracted (see below).

Conventional exhaust fans   OdourVac system
With traditional methods, air is drawn upwards mainly from the doorway with large amounts of stale air left behind. With OdourVac, stale air and steam are removed directly out of the toilet bowl and shower recess respectively.